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Monitoring Kafka (part 1)

Posted by : Jorge Acetozi | Monitoring, JMX, prometheus, Kafka

This is the first installment of our 3-part "Monitoring Kafka" series. It provides a Kafka overview and discusses how to monitor it using JConsole and Prometheus. Part 2 shows how to monitor Kafka using Outlyer, and Part 3 discusses the important metrics you should be aware of to ensure your Kafka cluster is working properly.

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Monitoring Kubernetes: Collecting Metrics with Heapster & Prometheus (part 2)

Posted by : Jorge Acetozi | Kubernetes, heapster, prometheus

In the first post of this series (Monitoring Kubernetes) we covered:

  • Why is it hard to monitor Kubernetes and applications running on top of it;
  • Kubernetes main components;
  • Which monitoring layers have to be covered by your monitoring solution.

This post covers where to find Kubernetes metrics and how to monitor it using two well-established open-source monitoring tools: Heapster and Prometheus.

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