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Baron Schwartz: What Good is Anomaly Detection?

Posted by : David Gildeh | Monitoring Wisdom, Monitoring Sucks, Anomaly Detection

Last November, a good friend of ours, Paul Dix from InfluxData, invited me along to their InfluxDays summit in San Francisco. (Sidenote: Our very own David Cromberge will be presenting at InfluxDays summit in New York next month on why NOT to build your own time-series database and our evolving architecture behind the scenes)

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What we learned talking to 60 companies about monitoring

Posted by : David Gildeh | Monitoring Wisdom, Monitoring, Monitoring Sucks, DevOps | 13 Comments

Back in 2011, a few people started complaining about how monitoring sucked with the #monitoringsucks hashtag appearing on Twitter. Since then a lot of DevOps people have joined the rally. However, more recently, #monitoringlove has appeared after a few open-source efforts—most notably Sensu—to improve the state of monitoring.

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