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June 2017 DOXSFO: Microservices

Posted by : Lisa Hong | Meetup, DevOps Exchange (DOXSFO), DOXSFO, miscroservices | 0 Comments

Our June theme for this month's DOXSFO was focused around microservies. We had two speakers that talk about their experiences with microservices and what their expereinces were. Is this something that you should use? Check out the post below to see! 

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#DOXLON May 2017: Using CodeBuild with Ansible and CloudFormation, and more

Posted by : Lisa Hong | Docker Containers, Meetup, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), Docker, kubernetes | 0 Comments


This month, we at Outlyer will be doing their first talk since our rebrand, on Docker monitoring solutions and how the container monitoring solution was built at Outlyer.

We are also hearing from our hosts Sainsbury’s, and how they have been using CodeBuild with Ansible and CloudFormation for their complex builds.

You’ll also get to hear how Flypay have been using Alexa (Amazon Echo) to deploy to Kubernetes! After setting up a powerful continuous deployment pipeline that allows you to deploy your products to Kubernetes clusters just using your voice.

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May 2017 DOXSFO: Docker and Containers, Three Very Different Views

Posted by : Lisa Hong | Docker Containers, Meetup, DevOps Exchange (DOXSFO), Docker, DOXSFO | 0 Comments

The main theme of our May DOXSFO meetup featured one of the most popular topics in DevOps right now: Containers and Docker. We had three very different talks on the subject. Amit spoke about how utilizing Docker has changed his continuous integration ecosystem. Corey had a very unique and entertaining talk about why Docker may not be all it's cracked up to seem, and David also chimes in with how we at Outlyer have been able to building our own container monitoring solution.

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Insight Engineering at Netflix, Kentik on DevOps + NetOps, and PagerDuty on Teamwork

Posted by : Ivana Ivanovic | Meetup, DevOps Exchange (DOXSFO) | 0 Comments


We kickstarted the return of our DevOps Exchange SF (DOXSFO) Meetup with a subject close to our hearts and critical for successful DevOps: monitoring. A lineup of expert speakers shared their insight on latest and greatest practices in monitoring, incident management and DevOps teamwork. 

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#DOXLON Mar 2017—Native, Distributed Storage For Kubernetes, and More

Posted by : David Gildeh | Meetup, DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON | 0 Comments

If you were unable to make the KubeCon Berlin, this is another opportunity to hear from Joseph Jacks, one of the founders of Kismatic (the enterprise Kubernetes company, now Apprenda), and a founder of KubeCon. Joseph discussed native, distributed storage for Kubernetes.

We also heard from Bobby DeVeaux, one of our favourite people in DevOps, who presented his most recent project, a production-ready scalable Docker Swarm using Terraform and Packer. Mangirdas Judeikis from Red Hat provided a deep dive to OpenShift and how it works with containers. Cameron Adams took us through how ITV have been using Docker & Selenium to reduce their build pipeline from 4 hours to 40 minutes.

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#DOXLON Feb 2017 - Building a Culture of Innovation at Ticketmaster

Posted by : David Gildeh | Meetup, DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON | 0 Comments

February DOXLON tackled scaling a massive IOT infrastructure, internal certificate management, and learnings from a DevOps-flavored journey to a culture of innovation. As usual, we learned from some of the best engineering teams out there: EVRYTHING, Smarkets and Ticketmaster.

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#DOXLON Jan 2017 - FinTech Infrastructure Challenges

Posted by : David Gildeh | Meetup, DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON | 0 Comments

In this edition of DOXLON, Oliver Beattie from Monzo, a banking app, talked us through their network architecture, how they have secured it, and the lessons they've learned along the way. Chris Sinjakli from GoCardless discussed the importance of reliability, and dove into a recent feature for zero-downtime patch upgrades. Last but not least, Ed Hargin and Kyrylo Novotarskyi from TransferWise talked about their move from a monolithic codebase and shared infrastructure towards independent infrastructure management that is better focused on helping solve customer problems.

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#DOXLON October 2016 - Container Orchestration

Posted by : David Gildeh | Meetup, DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON | 0 Comments

October brought to DOXLON that hot industry topic: containers.  With three lightning talks plus an expert panel discussion, we shed light on differences between most important container orchestration technologies. 

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#DOXLON DevOps Exchange (January 16) – DevOps Exchange January 2016!

Posted by : David Gildeh | Meetup, DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON) | 0 Comments

To kick off 2016 we held our January meetup at Sainsbury's Tech Hub in Holborn, with one of our largest attendances yet! As usual, 3 great talks followed by beer and pizza networking. If you'd like to join our next meetup on March 17th at Mark's & Spencer's digital hub then sign up here:

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#DOXLON DevOps Exchange (Oct14) – Lies, Damn Lies and Operational Metrics

Posted by : David Gildeh | Meetup, Monitoring Wisdom, monitoring, DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON) | 0 Comments

Every month, DevOps Exchange gets bigger and better. We've been officially London's largest DevOps meetup for a while now, and are very close to being the worlds largest outside the US! With scale attracts great speakers who are happy to fly all the way in especially to talk at our events - as Paul Dix (Founder of InfluxDB, based in New York) and Torkel Ödegaard (Creator of Grafana, based in Stockholm) did last week!

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