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Introducing JMXQuery to Monitor Java via Python

Posted by : David Gildeh | Monitoring, Java, JMX, open-source

Back in December 2014, we had a team Christmas hackathon and I decided I wanted to make Java Monitoring really simple via our agent and integration plugins. At that time we were recommending new users monitor Java services using solutions like Jolokia, listed in this blog we wrote back then. It was frustrating that our users could monitor non-Java services in a few clicks but the moment they wanted to monitor Java we had to get them to install 3rd party agents, and there were so many ways of doing it there was no consistent way we could rely on to make it a one click setup like our non-Java integrations. It broke the whole setup experience.

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Introduction to Monitoring Java Applications

Posted by : Todd Radel | Java, APM, JMX

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your users are complaining about the performance of a Java application in production, so you take a quick look at CPU and memory usage on the host. Both are fine. You dig a little deeper with tools like ps, nmon, sar, and iostat. Still nothing terribly wrong. With a sinking feeling, you realize the problem lies somewhere inside the JVM. What do you do now? 

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Java Monitoring Using JMX

Posted by : Vince Power | Monitoring, Java

When you are working with Java applications, or any application running inside a Java Virtual Machine, JMX provides an easy and platform-native way to extract details from the runtime without making any code changes. This article provides some examples of how to access monitoring information using JMX.

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Monitoring Java apps with Nagios, Graphite and StatsD

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Programming, Monitoring Wisdom, DevOps, Java | 2 Comments

I’ve always found it strange that Java is the most popular programming language on the planet yet actually getting stats out is extremely frustrating. I’ll go through the ways I’ve tried, from worst to best.

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