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New in Outlyer: Analytics

Posted by : Colin Hemmings | Graphs, Metrics, New Feature

February 2017 update: Screenshots in this blog post carry our old name and brand, Dataloop.IO. All product functionality has remained the same. Thank you for understanding.

Since we make the collection of data super simple with self-service and open source standards, it means our users continue sending us more and more of the stuff. We support monitoring all layers of your service, including host, application and business metrics. While you need as much information as possible about how your online service is performing, you can soon end up drowning in data, making it hard to know what you have, let alone gain any valuable insights.

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Fancy graphs from Nagios plugins

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Nagios, Monitoring Wisdom, Graphs, Plugin

Everyone loves graphs. Our brains seem to be naturally tuned for looking at wavy lines on a screen. As humans we can instantly detect patterns and even make predictions that would beat some of the best machine learning algorithms. I've heard stories of people being employed solely to look at graphs. This is all good stuff, but the point of this post is to show how you can get the data in the first place from your Nagios plugin scripts. Think of this post as a follow-on from Beautiful Nagios Scripts

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