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The Ultimate Guide to Monitoring Microservices

Posted by : David Gildeh | DevOps Wisdom, Monitoring, Microservices, DevOps | 1 Comment


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#DOXLON DevOps Exchange (Sept14) – Containers and Platforms

Posted by : David Gildeh | DevOps Wisdom, DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON)


Last week we held the biggest DevOps Exchange London event yet, over 300 people attended on the night, and we'd like to thank our friends at Linux Recruit and AWS for their help! With talks on Kubernetes, Flynn and Elastic Beanstalk, this lineup was set to be a great one, and it didn't disappoint. If you missed out this time, check out next months event and join the meetup group here! All slides and videos from the meetup can be seen below.

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Rackspace Breakfast Panel Debate

Posted by : David Gildeh | DevOps Wisdom, Rackspace, DevOps

This morning Steven was invited to be part of Rackspace’s Breakfast Panel Debate where he sat alongside some of our DevOps friends some of whom have spoken at our DevOps Exchange meetups previously including Stephen Thair (DevOps Guys), Matthew Skelton (Skelton Thatcher) and Chris Jackson from Rackspace.

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The goal of DevOps

Posted by : Steven Acreman | DevOps Wisdom, DevOps | 4 Comments

A long time ago I was working at a software company that was undergoing rapid expansion. We were racking and stacking physical servers almost every day. The lead-time on most of the hardware was at least 2 weeks and our software engineers were always complaining that this was too slow. I remember thinking it being a little unfair to complain as I could usually turn around the setup of a server in under a day once everything was delivered.

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