Packaging microservices with nix (DOXLON)

Posted by : Lisa Hong

In this blog post from our July DOXLON meetup we have Jonas Chevalier who quit his job in order to do Nix consulting and his presentation on that. In his talk Jonas goes over how you can use Nix as a replacement for Docker files. 

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Minimum Viable Docker: our journey towards orchestration (DOXLON)

Posted by : Lisa Hong

Our first speaker at our July DOXLON was Jeremie Vallee who works as a Lead DevOps at Babylon Health.

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Ops is dead. Long live Ops (DOXLON)

Posted by : Lisa Hong

In this blog post we have  Federico Fregosi who is a Lead Site Reliability Engineer at Curve speak at our July DOXLON meetup. He spoke about the future of the DevOps position and the changes that are going on in the industry. Most of the issues brought up are tried to start ups specifically and is mostly about the changes that are happening in the landscape. 

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How to supercharge AWS CloudWatch

Posted by : Twain Taylor | AWS, Cloudwatch

CloudWatch, the default monitoring tool on AWS, is an essential tool to use when hosting apps on AWS.

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How to collect Docker metrics with cgroups

Posted by : Thibault Laurens | Docker Containers, Engineering, Docker | 1 Comment

This blog post is a retrospective on how Outlyer built a specific part of its Docker monitoring solution: the container's metrics collection.

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New Feature: Docker Monitoring

Posted by : David Gildeh | Product Updates, Docker Containers, Feature, Docker

Docker was like teenage sex, everyone talked about it but hardly anyone was actually doing it, at least in production anyway. However in the last 12 months, it appears there’s been a tectonic shift towards Docker, and more and more of our customers have started putting significant production workloads onto Docker.

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Monitoring Docker Environments with Outlyer (Live Webinar)

Posted by : Lisa Hong | Docker Containers, Docker, Webinar

Thank you to everyone that join us for our first live webinar with product expert Todd Radel. He walked us through how Outlyer is changing the way that we monitor your Docker environment with our recently released integration.

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Why You Should Monitor Services Rather Than Containers

Posted by : Chris Tozzi | Docker Containers, Monitoring, Docker

Docker containers are a game-changer when it comes to delivering software. They make development, testing and deployment faster and more consistent. That you already know.

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#DOXLON June 2017: Container Orchestration Technology

Posted by : Lisa Hong | Docker Containers, Meetup, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), Docker, Kubernetes

This month's DOXLON had another great lineup for those interested in Container Orchestration and Microservices, including a headline talk all the way from the US via Video link from the legendary Kelsey Hightower, talking about Istio, a powerful service mesh framework for Kubernetes and Microservices. In addition we had great talks from James Rasell talking about the container solution they built at Elsevier using Nomad, and Graem Forbes at Infitity Works who walked us through productionising a new application on Docker on a very tight deadline.

As usual, another great meetup, followed by the usual beers and pizza and pub down the road! Our next meetup will be on July 27th, see you there!

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Running the Splunk SDK under Python 3

Posted by : Oliver Greenaway | Splunk, SDK, Python

Splunk is a widely used log hoarding/analysis system and has a fairly full featured Software Development Kit (SDK) available under a variety of languages. One of these is Python.

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