Introduction to Monitoring Java Applications

Posted by : Todd Radel | Java, APM, JMX

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your users are complaining about the performance of a Java application in production, so you take a quick look at CPU and memory usage on the host. Both are fine. You dig a little deeper with tools like ps, nmon, sar, and iostat. Still nothing terribly wrong. With a sinking feeling, you realize the problem lies somewhere inside the JVM. What do you do now? 

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#DOXLON October 2017

Posted by : David Gildeh | Monitoring, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON)

Our October DOXLON featured a solid DevOps Exchange line up, covering some very current topics in the DevOps world. We started with Rob Elkin, CTO @ Busuu talking about Serverless, then Matthew Macdonald-Wallace, a seasoned DevOps consultant ranting about how DevOps has been hijacked by marketing and sales teams, and last but not least, Connon MacRae, VP TechOps at Ticketmaster, talking about their journey to DevOps.

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DOXSFO September 2017: Kubernetes

Posted by : David Gildeh | Docker Containers, DevOps Exchange (DOXSFO), Kubernetes


Although this started out as a general DevOps meetup for September, after our call for speakers it turned out that everyone wanted to talk about Kubernetes! Kubernetes deployments, Kubernetes Networking and Kubernetes storage. This was my first DOXSFO after being away all summer in London and reconnecting with our original meetup we started there, DOXLON, and it was great to see how far our San Francisco meetup has come along since I last attended!

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#DOXLON August 2017

Posted by : Lisa Hong | Monitoring, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), API, AWS

Our August DOXLON featured a solid DevOps Exchange line up, covering some very current topics in the DevOps world. We started with Owain Perry and his monitoring solutions at Just Eat. Following Richard Clark took us through how to build a resilient VPC transit network. We closed with Graeme Forbes on the topic of SSL. 

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DOXSFO August 2017: Continuous Integration

Posted by : Lisa Hong

Glad to be back in San Francisco for another DOXSFO event. We were fortunate to have four awesome speakers this time around on the topic of Continuous Integration. We started with Chloe Condon who spoke about why you need to stop using “the” staging server. Following that we had Amit Mishra and Kashyap Parikh gave us interesting insight on how GitHub combined with CI empowers rapid product delivery at Credit Karma. We closed out the evening with Edith Harbaugh and learned how and when to feature flag. 

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Are the Pitfalls of Microservices and Docker Containers Worth It? (Hint: Yes!)

Posted by : Eric Bruno

By now, the advantages of microservices—like more agility, modularity, scalability, reliability and so on, are probably familiar to you. But like all new technologies, microservices present new challenges in addition to new benefits.

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The Network Knows

Posted by : Avi Freeman | Metrics, Log, APM

Tools, tools everywhere

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Java Monitoring Using JMX

Posted by : Vince Power | Monitoring, Java

When you are working with Java applications, or any application running inside a Java Virtual Machine, JMX provides an easy and platform-native way to extract details from the runtime without making any code changes. This article provides some examples of how to access monitoring information using JMX.

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How to use netlink to calculate load averages

Posted by : Lisa Hong | Docker, netlink

Here at Outlyer we develop a monitoring system. In order for it to be useful for our customers, we need to integrate with several systems in order to obtain data that would otherwise be hard to find. In this post, we’ll be talking about how we used a Linux kernel feature to obtain load averages for containers.

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#DOXLON July 2017

Posted by : Lisa Hong | Docker Containers, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), Kubernetes

During our July DOXLON we had three awesome speakers talking about varied topics. Jeremie Vallee from Babylon Health, discussed his journey towards orchestration with a Minimum Viable Docker approach. We also had Federico Fregosi, who talked about Kubernetes and microservices at Curve while diving into the future of the DevOps model. Finally we heard from Jonas Chevalier, who discussed how you can use nix to replace and improve upon Docker for packaging microservices. 

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