#DOXSFO March 2018

Posted by : David Gildeh | DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), DevOps, DOXSFO

Last week's DevOps Exchange San Francisco Meetup was really good. Jean Philippe Bélanger, Software Engineer (DevOps) at Upgrade talked about how to empower your developers with on-demand and sandbox environment and David Gildeh, reminded everyone that Azure is not as sheet as he thought it would be.... In addition, Upgrade.com hosted this event in San Francisco welcoming everyone with good beers, wines, and pizzas. We just enjoyed a great moment with great speakers.


As a kind remember don't forget to help us complete our State of DevOps Monitoring Survey 2018. We really need your support to make it successful, and will be presenting the results back to the whole community later on!

Thanks to everyone who attended and look forward to seeing you at the next DOXSFO on April 25 at Leanplum in downtown San Francisco!   



Jean-Philippe Bélanger, Software Engineer (DevOps) @ Upgrade

This presentation and video describes the numerous benefits to developers when you empower them by creating on-demand and sandbox environment. There are many benefits for creating such environment that benefit developers, QA and even the product team. Sand box environment help also reduce delays in the entire software application process.

Jean Philippe's Video:  



David Gildeh, CEO @ Outlyer

After having used Azure for 2 years David shares his thoughts about Azure in this video. And, it appears that Azure is not as shit as he thought it would be today. Yet, the UI and managing user functions, and time to apply changes are still as shit as they were 2 years ago. But, now Azure fully supports Kubernetes services (AKs), which makes a huge difference for DevOps engineers.

David's Video

This event was sponsored by Upgrade.com and Outlyer.com. And, content is provided by DevOps Exchange San Francisco (#DOXSFO), a monthly DevOps Meetup event in San Francisco. 

If you'd like to speak at a future DOXSFO or join the Meetup, please visit the DOXSFO Meetup page.

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