#DOXLON November 2017

Posted by : David Gildeh | DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), DevOps

Our November DOXLON only had a couple of talks this month, both focusing on the culture and success of DevOps in two London organisations, Reevoo and HSBC. However our vertain speakers (who've spoken at DOXLON in the past) really managed to fill up the extra time with some great stories and insights on how they implemented DevOps in their organisations.

We want to thank everyone who attended this month and look forward to seeing you at the next DOXLON! 

Henrique Rodrigues, Lead DevOps @ Reevoo

Developers have brilliant ideas every day. Our mission is to allow those ideas to live and grow, not to be silenced and die behind a TODO label. Being able to easily introduce change to a platform is crucial for its maintenance and future innovation, so let's build one together with change in mind.

Henrique's Video: 

Nic Ferrier, DevOps Lead

Nic wants to talk about the problems of doing DevOps culturally. Devs don’t get it. Management don’t get it. But every now and then you manage to get through to people.

Nic's Video: 

This content came from DevOps Exchange London (#DOXLON), a monthly DevOps Meetup in London. 

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