#DOXLON July 2017

Posted by : Lisa Hong | Docker Containers, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), Kubernetes

During our July DOXLON we had three awesome speakers talking about varied topics. Jeremie Vallee from Babylon Health, discussed his journey towards orchestration with a Minimum Viable Docker approach. We also had Federico Fregosi, who talked about Kubernetes and microservices at Curve while diving into the future of the DevOps model. Finally we heard from Jonas Chevalier, who discussed how you can use nix to replace and improve upon Docker for packaging microservices. 

As opposed to having it in one post, we split it up with in depth summaries for each! To check out all the sessions we've provided the below links:

We look forward to next month's meetup!

This content came from DevOps Exchange London (#DOXLON), a monthly DevOps Meetup in London. 

If you'd like to speak at a future DOXLON or join the Meetup, please visit the DOXLON Meetup page.

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