#DOXLON DevOps Exchange (October 15) – DevOps Exchange @ IPExpo

Posted by : David Gildeh | DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), DevOps

This month we held our meetup at the huge IPExpo show in Excel London, who were kind enough to share their keynote stage to host all our attendees. Unfortunately our usual video crew couldn't make it this month meaning we ended up using their recording crew, and somewhere along the lines one of the talks from Channel 4 was lost. Apologies to Channel 4 and our attendees who won't be able to see the great talk they did this month, we've put the slides below for reference.


Henrique Rodrigues (NotOnTheHighStreet.com) - Building a Future-Proof Infrastructure

NotOnTheHightStreet.com is the UK's largest curated marketplace, turning over £100mil per year. In this presentation Henrique tells the story of how NotOnTheHighStreet.com transitioned to Micro-Services and Docker, and lessons learned along the way.

David Gildeh (Dataloop.IO) - Monitoring for DevOps & Micro-Services

The world of DevOps & Micro-Services has made monitoring far more critical, that require multiple stakeholders to collaborate around the real-time data we're collecting. However most monitoring tools today are designed as point solutions for one team or use case. This presentation looks at the new requirements for monitoring and how Dataloop.IO is addressing them.

Brendon Foxen (Channel 4) - Speeding up Software Delivery at Channel 4

A look into why Channel 4 needed to speed up the software delivery pipeline and how a Micro services architecture, a CI/CD approach and Docker is helping to make that happen.

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