#DOXLON DevOps Exchange (May 15) – DevOps & DevOps

Posted by : David Gildeh | DevOps Exchange London, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), DevOps

This month we are going back to the roots and the theme will be 'Anything DevOps', a chance for speakers to tackle their preferred topic rather than being constrained by a narrower theme.

Our next meetup will be on 24th May at the Cloud World Forum at Olympia so come along to the show too to meet cool vendors (including us! :)) and DevOps talks during the day, you can sign up now!

Michael Ducy (Chef) - The Goat and the Silo

We may know the Goat and Silo problem as a common calculus mathematical problem, but Goats (scape goats) and Silo (organizational silos) problems also plague IT organizations. How can we turn Goats and Silos into assets that can help in implementing a culture supportive of Cloud, DevOps, and the next generation of IT paradigms. This talk will build on Organizational Management philosophies, as well as the philosophies of Lean and Agile.

Matthew Skelton (Skelton Thatcher) - Long Live the DevOps Team

What team configuration is right for DevOps to work? Devs doing Ops? Ops doing Dev? Everyone doing a bit of everything, or a special new silo doing Docker and Jenkins in the corner of the room? In this talk, Matthew Skelton joins speculation with practical in-the-trenches experience to arrive at some working 'team topologies' for effective DevOps.

James Brooks (Betfair) - Show me the Metrics

Time Series metrics can be an important part of a comprehensive monitoring solution. Betfair will present a talk on their experiences running OpenTSDB and a new open source tool called OpenTSP, designed to streamline the process of gathering and delivering system metrics quickly and reliably to multiple endpoints so that you can use any of your favourite tools to analyse the stream.

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