#DOXLON DevOps Exchange (Apr 15) – NoSQL & DevOps

Posted by : David Gildeh | DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON), DevOps

Did the appearance of NoSQL influence DevOps? Or was it viceversa? What’s sure is that NoSQL technologies are both used by many DevOps-friendly tools (e.g. Elasticsearch in ELK) and the target of much automation when they are part of distributed systems that need automation and management.

This meetup was for those who have scars to show they know what they talk about and for those who are just now dipping their toes in NoSQL-land and wonder how it changes their daily job as “DevOps people”.

Our next meetup will be on 26th May, you can sign up now!

Joel Jacobson (Datastax) - Diagnosing Cassandra Problems in Production

This sessions covers diagnosing and solving common problems encountered in production, using performance profiling tools. We’ll also give a crash course to basic JVM garbage collection tuning. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what they should look for when they encounter problems with their in-production Cassandra cluster.

Richard Pijnenburg (Elastic) - Managing ElasticSearch Environments

Bring control to your development team by making it easier to maintain templates and scripts across your nodes.

James Tan (MongoDB) - Automate Production-Ready MongoDB Deployments

Getting from dev to a robust, performant, and scalable production environment takes a fair bit of work. Doing this manually is time-consuming and error-prone, so let's look at the various ways to automate this with Vagrant + Chef, as well as MMS Automation (free up to 8 servers).

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