#DOXLON DevOps Exchange (Mar 15) – DevOps for Windows, an Oxymoron?

Posted by : David Gildeh | DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON)

This month's meetup was for the significant number of you who live in the Windows world, and for those that are skeptical, a chance to see what life is like on the other side of the fence.

Most DevOps people out there think 'DevOps for Windows' is an oxymoron, but is it? Some of our largest online services in the UK like JustEat.com and ASOS run on Windows, and although Windows has been behind the curve at times, Microsoft is investing heavily to close the gap.

Our next meetup will be on NoSQL for DevOps on 30th April, you can sign up now!

Boris Devouge from Microsoft - DevOps on Azure

Boris kicked off the meetup with Microsoft's intro to the world of DevOps on Azure and how Microsoft is increasingly playing nice with the Open-Source world.

Steve Thair from DevOps Guys - DevOps for Windows in the Wild

Steve talked about DevOps Guys experience working with several Windows customers, and how they did all the DevOps basics on Windows such as automation and deployments, and some best practices for those of you out there looking to implement DevOps on Windows yourselves!

Russell Seymour from ASOS - A brief introduction into POSHChef

A brief introduction into POSHChef, a new PowerShell based client for Chef. It has been designed to work with Chef but leverage technologies within Windows. The session will cover using POSHChef, compatibility with existing community cookbooks and how DSC is utilized.

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