Our experiences with Erlang

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Erlang, Engineering, Dalmatimer DB | 0 Comments

Erlang Solutions were kind enough to invite me to speak at their user group last month. The talk was pretty high level and goes into some of the problems we wanted to solve, technology choices and discusses our new time series database - Dalmatiner DB.

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A typical monitoring project

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Monitoring Wisdom, monitoring, SaaS | 0 Comments

Disclaimer: This blog applies to monitoring at SaaS companies.

Monitoring projects are quite common in large organisations. Usually they kick off at the beginning of the year when everyone is fresh and renewed from the holidays. A large block of time is allocated to 'cleaning up what we have to make it useful'. Everyone dreams of a day when the various systems actually reflect reality.

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Playing with Dalmatiner DB

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Engineering, Dalmatimer DB | 0 Comments

Dalmatimer DB is an open source time series database built on top of riak-core and ZFS. It re-uses the logic from riak-core to handle the logic of where data is located but implements its very own database optimised for metrics

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New Features (Jan, Feb & March 2016)

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Product Updates | 0 Comments

We've been pretty busy since the beginning of the year adding lots of new features. This blog is a round up of the new things in case you missed the updates in Slack.

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StatsD, Dataloop and Grafana

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Product Updates, Grafana, Plugin | 0 Comments

Today we are announcing the release of our Grafana datasource plugin. There's now a valid cloud storage alternative to running your own time series database in house.

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Monitoring Orchestration

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Product Updates, monitoring, DLCLI, API | 0 Comments

In the old world before cloud and continuous delivery you used to set stuff up once and then leave it alone until the monitoring system notified you of a problem.

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ZFS on Linux

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Engineering, Dalmatimer DB, Linux | 2 Comments

We've started to use a new time-series database called Dalmatiner DB which relies on the filesystem for features like compression and consistency checking. Initially this database was written for SmartOS which has native ZFS support but given the maturity of ZFS on Linux we thought we'd run our setup on Linux.

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Monitoring Configuration - Files vs Databases

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Product Updates, monitoring, Dataloop.IO, Monitoring Configuration | 0 Comments

There are a few religions in the world of monitoring. Pushing metrics vs pulling metrics, agents vs agent-less and files vs databases for storing config being some common examples.

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API Monitoring

Posted by : Steven Acreman | Product Inspiration, monitoring, API | 0 Comments

Recently I've been documenting our API's using Slate which is a static site generator. It turns markdown text into pretty html. We've had customers using our API's for a while but the docs were hosted on a Github wiki page and weren't very friendly or nice to look at. Since making the docs better we've had more people build things!

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#DOXLON DevOps Exchange (January 16) – DevOps Exchange January 2016!

Posted by : David Gildeh | Meetup, DevOps Exchange London, DOXLON, DevOps Exchange (DOXLON) | 0 Comments

To kick off 2016 we held our January meetup at Sainsbury's Tech Hub in Holborn, with one of our largest attendances yet! As usual, 3 great talks followed by beer and pizza networking. If you'd like to join our next meetup on March 17th at Mark's & Spencer's digital hub then sign up here: http://www.meetup.com/DevOps-Exchange-London/events/228946395/

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